A Trip to Oklahoma…

This book was in our cabin
This book was in our cabin

I took a whirlwind trip back to Oklahoma last week to help my parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  My poor mom wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go to the friends and family dinner that my father had planned for the event and it was sad to see my dad sitting alone at the head of the table without my mother.  We had a wonderful dinner at the Cherokee Yacht Club at Grand Lake, but it would have been way more fun if mom had been feeling well enough to come.

The weather was wonderful while I was there…not hot and muggy and there were no tornadoes rolling through.

The view from my parents' deck.
The view from my parents’ deck at The Coves.

There were lots of deer and baby deer roaming around while I was there.  This one wasn’t camera shy.

Find the deer
Find the deer

My dad told us about an all white baby deer that lives nearby that was rejected by his mother because he was born looking different from the other deer.  The deer lives among cows because accepted him as one of their own.  He is SO cute.  My brother was kind enough to stop and let me take a picture of him.

The white deer among his tribe
The white deer among his tribe

He let me get a little closer, I think he knows he is really cute and not a reject.

Yeah, I know I'm cute.
Yeah, I know I’m cute.




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  1. Finally checked in w/you
    sad for your Mom, hope she’s feeling better. It’s hard watching our parents age.
    Poor white deer. He is cute tho.
    See you next week.
    Love your blog Chalon.

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