New beginnings and a lump in my throat…

The proposal
The proposal-December 18, 2013

Two people in love.  Here is a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend.  He is proposing marriage to her and the night before, he asked my husband for her hand in marriage.  He set up his camera to video tape the proposal and this is a still from the video.

Size 12's
Size 12’s

My son’s new apartment was available for him to move into on January 1, 2014, so I will no longer be seeing his shoes laying around.  These shoes are his skateboarding shoes that he wore out on one side and fixed with gold duct tape.  I will miss them, kind of…I will definitely miss him.

Earrings from hell that I will never sell.
Earrings from hell that I will never sell.

Everything that could go wrong while making a pair of earrings went wrong when I was making these.  When I keum boo’d them, a flaw in the soldering appeared and could not be fixed, so I consulted my metalsmith teacher, Deb, and we decided that what had originally been a full ring, like these below:

New sterling silver earrings
New sterling silver earrings

would now have to be a half ring, so I cut off the top of the ring and soldered tiny jump rings on each side.  Then I left them for a while, so I could figure out what to do with them next.  A few months later, I started to play play with them again and I decided to patina them in LOS and I left the earrings in the mixture for two weeks.  When I retrieved them, they were crusty, ugly and flaky.  I had no luck with cleaning them up on my own and they went home with metalsmith Deb for a couple of weeks.  When she gave them back to me, they were all cleaned up, but the gold was a little less bright than I had wanted, but in some ways, I kind of liked that the gold was more subtle.  But back in a box they went until I could decide.  A half year later, I was going through old projects and found the earrings again and a couple of pieces of turquoise were laying nearby and the gold in the turquoise caught my eye, I had really never noticed the gold flecks before, and decided to figure out a way to attach the stones to the round sterling silver. I had already attached some chain to them so it was easy to see how the stones could be attached, and even though I am getting more proficient with setting stones with prongs, things still went wrong.  OK…I melted some of the prongs, but I kept going and these are the end result.  They are definitely not flawless, so they will remain with me and when I wear them I will love them and hate them at the same time.





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  1. Hey Chalon
    I love this post. The still pic of the engagement is great. He set that up? Clever dude.
    I also love the boy shoes (I can relate, and to the size 12 too) and love the earrings. Keep em. Forever. See you soon. xox

  2. I’m so excited for you and Alex! Can’t wait for the planning to begin :). Gosh little Caeson is gone… that boy!

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