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The Wow of a Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace by Tory Burch
Statement Necklace by Tory Burch

There are so many things I love about this necklace.  The first thing is the lovely patina on the paddle-like pieces on the neck piece and the dangle with the stone and of course, the stone, I love the stone.  What about the use of the mixed metals…wonderful.  Movement…the unusual way the the dangle is attached to the neck piece is so simple, but interesting to the eye and is a hinge-like mechanism (which is something I just learned to do) and the ring on the dangle also lets it move more. And what about those brass ball-balls? (a shout out to Wendy and Beyonce)

Below are photos of three fabulous necklaces that Joanna Gollberg brought to Metals Week.  Wow, what a difference a professional photographer makes when taking pictures of jewelry!  I took these pictures in class because it was OK with Joanna and because they just inspired me. They are way more gorgeous in person.

A Joanna Gollberg necklace
A Joanna Gollberg necklace …simple and bold.
Another Joanna Gollberg necklace
Another Joanna Gollberg necklace.  This one is amazing.  If I just had one of these globes on a necklace…


And one more JG necklace
And one more JG necklace.

Now I need to go to my studio and come up with my own statement necklace, but what will my statement necklace say, maybe it will just say…”meh”.