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Couture According to Iris Van Herpen




Here is an article from the Washington Post about the designer and artist, Iris Van Herpen. Of course, her clothing isn’t meant for the every day woman, as most haute couture isn’t, and her clothing isn’t practical either.  Her work is more about decorating the female body while using unusual materials and…”to realize concepts that don’t look like clothes at all. Or, at least, not the way in which “clothes” are defined.”  One of the tools that uses while designing clothing is a 3-D printer as can be seen in the skeleton-like “dress” above.  The reason she uses a 3-D printer is because…

“With 3-D printing, she could build prototypes of designs in a single season, when doing it by hand could easily have taken three or more years to complete. “Sometimes, a 3-D-printed dress has a structure we were never able to do by hand. But because of the process of [computer] file-making, we understand the structure, and we are able to do it by hand afterward.”  That is why I find her work so interesting, because sometimes you have a design in your head, but it is hard to translate on paper.  Her work inspires me to keep designing jewelry in new and different ways, while using materials that I might not have thought of before.


I filled up my cup with more inspiration when I hiked with my friend, Karen, this morning on Daley Ranch.  The morning was crisp and cool when we started out, but we soon heated up as we did our climb.  It is alway so peaceful up there and I always feel so much better when I finish.


Using patterns that shadows created on the path. A photography assignment.
Using patterns that shadows created on the path. A photography assignment.