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Inspiration…the turn of a screw (or bolt)

I love how subtle bends and curves convey so much emotion and feeling.

Go look at some more images of bolt poetry.  I found looking at the images of this artist and blacksmith, Tobbe Malm, to be extremely inspiring because I have worked previously with steel (which is way different than silver or copper, and so much harder for me) and because his works are sculptures made from everyday found objects.  I would so love to bring emotional and sculptural qualities to my own work, I want my work to be more 3-dimensional.

First wildflowers of the season on Daley Ranch.
First wildflowers of the season on Daley Ranch.

I am so happy to be hiking again on Daley Ranch.  I haven’t been hiking for about 6 weeks now, but tomorrow I will be hiking first thing in the morning with a bunch of girlfriends.   My regular hiking partner, Karen, has been away on a trip with her husband to Nepal in order to mark off an item on their bucket list which was to hike up to base camp (and spend the night) on Mt. Everest.  Yep, that’s right, I chose a hiking partner with higher aspirations than Burnt Mountain on Daley Ranch.  Last year she and her husband took off in May to hike Machu Pichu.  I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures next week on our regular appointed hiking date.

And finally (I’ve been waiting), Alabama Shakes has new music dropping on April 21, 2015.  I fell for them two years ago with their first CD called Boys & Girls.  I listened to Boys & Girls while out in my studio making jewelry and it took me a few times through to really, really love their sound, but eventually, I came to love or like every song on the CD.  My husband and I saw them in a funky little club in Dallas two years ago and Brittany was an electric dynamo.

Alabama Shakes headliner


Their new CD is called Sound & Color and it is supposed to be more experimental and psychedelic than their previous release.  I hope that it will be one of those CDs, like the last one, that will continue to grow on me the more I listen to it.  Here’s a couple of tracks that Rolling Stone posted when Alabama Shakes appeared on SNL in March.