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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

A box of treasures...handmade napkin rings.
A box of treasures…handmade napkin rings. (click on photo to enlarge)

One of my most favorite people in my metalsmithing class, Wendy, is having 12 guests for Thanksgiving dinner and she decided to make napkin ring for each of her guests.  When it became apparent to some of us in class that she was not going to have 12 napkin rings made by Thanksgiving, we decided to pitch in and each make one for her and this is the result of our efforts.  She had a nature theme going with leaves and vines so we stuck with that and made a version of our own to match hers.  I think she ended up with 17 or 18 napkin rings which is good because I am sure she will have more than 12 dinner guests because she is always welcoming others into her house, especially friends of her two sons.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, which happens to be my favorite holiday and my favorite meal.  We are celebrating with friends.  Enjoy!


Stripper Ridge

Stripper Ridge
Stripper Ridge

My hiking buddy, Karen,  and I have named this section of our walk Stripper Ridge because this is at the top of our climb, of 1500 feet, and this is where we stop and take off our coats, mittens, hats, shirts, etc. because we have expended so much energy to get to this point that we are all warmed up and ready to continue on our way for the rest of the hike, which is fairly flat after this.  This is where we stop and take our first drinks of water too while surveying the valley that overlooks Escondido to the left and our neighborhood to the right.  In this picture you can only see our neighborhood, not Escondido.  On clear days, we can see all the way to the ocean and we can identify islands that tell us that we really are looking at the ocean.

We walk on until we come to one of our favorite trees, the Tree Tunnel we call it.

The Tree Tunnel
The tree tunnel in a different season
The tree tunnel in a different season


It doesn’t look that exciting from this photo, but it is still one of our favorite landmarks.

Then we come across our spiritual tree.

The spiritual tree
The spiritual tree

Then we start our descent back down the trail.


I didn’t do great at my sale, but it was a live and learn experience.  It was entirely the wrong venue for me.  My jewelry was more expensive than what the crowd was looking for, which was inexpensive Christmas ornaments.  No one wanted one of my favorite necklaces.

A favorite, simple necklace
A favorite, simple necklace

After working so hard to get so many pieces of jewelry done for the show, I longed for a manicure, which would have been completely destroyed within hours of getting the manicure since my fingernails are some of my most used and important tools.  I just wanted someone to massage each finger gently and put moisture back into my fingernails.  Ahhh…





Succulent Wreaths!!!

A succulent wreath...mine.
A succulent wreath…mine.

Yesterday I got together with a bunch of my friends, most of them from my metalsmithing class, and we made succulent wreaths and had a yummy lunch and some great “girl” time.  Everyone brought some succulents, a lot of us just picked them from our yards, we brought containers and wire wreath forms, and we each brought something to snack on for lunch.  I brought my friend and hiking buddy, Karen, so she could meet some of the people I talk about on our walk.

We were at my friend Wendy’s beautiful house and she made an awesome lentil soup that was just right for the day because it was feeling “wintery” outside for Southern California.  Karen brought an Asian cabbage salad, I brought guacamole (of course) and there was an outrageously great tasting corn salsa, and Elizabeth brought homemade Snickerdoodles.  We were all supposed to bring something to snack on and somehow it all worked out just right.

Deb was the star of the day because she finished the most projects.  She brought planters to fill and wreath forms to poke plants into and she was extremely prolific.  She even did more after she got home.  Connie was our succulent expert and provided much knowledge and encouragement.

Here is a picture of almost everyone’s wreaths and containers all together:

Everyone's wreathes!
Everyone’s wreaths! (click on the picture to enlarge and enjoy)

I wish I had taken more pictures!  I always forget to take pictures.  When will I learn?






I love this woman artist, Haley Hasler…I just found her…

Portrait As a Sunday BrunchHer name is Haley Hasler and I read about her in this article.  Take a look at her website and her portfolio.  I have looked at everything that I can find about her.  I love her composition of her paintings and the colors that she uses. I love that she sets up her work as a sort of still-life painting, but there is and undercurrent of real life and electricity.  Like a still-life painting there are fruits and flowers and food, but Haley somehow presents a vision of a scene that is not going to decay and perish soon (like fruit and flowers in the standard still-life painting), and you almost expect her to dance (or topple) right out of her painting or hear her children playing the flute.  The layers of lush colors and fabric and patterns are fabulous.  In this painting, she shows motherhood and family as such a balancing act, one wrong move and everything would come toppling down, but it would just be something that had to cleaned up, nothing disastrous.   I wish her much luck with her artwork although she clearly doesn’t need it.  I will be keeping an eye out for more work from Haley Hasler.