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Something Pretty


Turquouse pebble beads with a nastursium
Turquoise pebble beads with a nasturtium

I wanted to post something much prettier than the picture from the last post…the picture of the direction to a pig party on a piece of cardboard.  I’m playing with these strands of turquoise, wanting to make something out them because it is too hot to be working at my bench out in my garage.  Ugh…I have a lot of stuff to work on too.



What The…?

a sign I saw in my neighborhood near my house
a sign I saw in my neighborhood near my house

I was on my way home last Saturday afternoon when I passed this sign and I stopped, backed up and took a photo because , well just because I had so many questions and most importantly, it was a photo opportunity.  I didn’t see the “s” at the end of “William” until I downloaded the picture from my iPhone, so I thought the sign said William Pig Party.  I thought maybe William was a pig.  It is still a strange sign and I still have questions about the party.  I don’t know this neighbor, but I could hear his party.  There was no squealing, but I still think a pig died or maybe just had a party.

A Tale of Two Photos


My necklace, my camera, photo by Lynne Merchant
My necklace, my camera, photo by Lynne Merchant

I was shopping the other day on Cedros Ave. and I ended up going into Lynne Merchant’s gallery and what an experience it turned out to be. We ended up talking about, of all things, photography.  She is such a treasure ( a true San Diego treasure),  she’s full of life and color. We talked about the trade-off of using the iPhone to photograph pieces and using an SLR.   She loves her iPhone to take pictures.  I told her I was struggling with photographing my jewelry and she had me get out my iPhone and she showed me a few things.  I already had the Hipstamatic app on my phone and she said that she liked to use that to photograph her jewelry, so she took a picture with my phone using that app of the necklace I had on.  The photo above is so representative of Lynne herself, just look how colorful it is.  Her studio has really nice natural light flooding in from the outside and the day I was there, it was cloudy outside, so the conditions for taking a good photo were great.

We talked about so many things that day.  I asked her if she worked on many pieces at the same time or if she focused on one thing.  I asked her this because I skip around from project to project and sometimes feel like I should just finish one thing before I go on to the next thing, but she said that she worked on lots of projects at the same time.  Whew!

We talked about life paths and how a person gets where they are in life and how things change along the way.  Her gallery is filled with things that provide inspiration to her and she told me how important it is to surround yourself with things that inspire you as an artist.  Inspiration…isn’t that what we are all looking for?  Well, she certainly inspired me that day.

Below is MY picture of the same necklace.  It is certainly a contrast from the one above that Lynne took.

My necklace taken with my Cannon SLR  on a conservative background.
My necklace taken with my Canon SLR  on a conservative background.