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A Sense of Yuma – Part One

Last month I went to the Yuma Arts Symposium Yuma Arts Symposium and I just wanted to share what a great experience it was.  My metalsmithing teacher has been talking about the symposium since I have been taking her class and encouraging her students to attend, so I decided to go this year.

The event is 3 days long and starts on Thursday afternoon.  Artists, mostly metalsmiths, from all over the country and gather someplace, this time it was a bar in the old downtown of Yuma.  The Thursday afternoon gathering is for registration and a really fabulous tradition of “trading pins”.  I didn’t make pins because I wasn’t exactly sure how it works.  Even though I didn’t make any pins, I did receive two, one from one of my most favorite teachers, Connie Fox, and the other from my friend and budding metalsmith/artist, Jamie. That was very sweet of them to give me a pin when I didn’t have one to offer them.  Some people received tons of pins.   Here are the two that I got.



After the pin swap, everyone drifts over to the Yuma Arts Center to the auditorium to hear the artists who will be lecturing over the next two days.

Bumble Bee Onyx from Indonesia


This is a stone that I am going to make a dangle with for my new chain that I should be done with today. I will try and take a better picture of the stone because it is really pretty. To give you some perspective, the stone is about 1.25″ by .50″ so it isn’t very big at all. Oh yeah, this picture doesn’t do it justice. I need more work on my photography skills!

A To Do List…

Necklace photo
Necklace photo

Make more jewelry to put up on this site.

Improve the quality of the photographs that I have recently taken in order to put them up for sale.

Pick a plugin for the shopping part of the website.

Write something interesting for the website once a day. (That might be hard)

Yeah, I know…

The picture in my header is not great.  In fact, it is borderline horrible, but the purpose of the website is for me to present and sell my jewelry and part of that process will be for me to grow as a photographer of small objects.  I have no experience whatsoever with photography, so I have a lot of work to do.  I also want to be held accountable for keeping a steady stream of new jewelry pieces up on the website.

I have been obsessing on making chains while in my studio.  I have been trying to do small, unusual, but tasteful chains.  Chains from which to dangle fun pendants, fabulous objects or just to worn alone.

I may grow as a photographer of small objects and nice jewelry and still have no one come to look or read, but that is fine.  It is mostly a tool for me with which to track my progress.